TendeRFQ.com wins the first Garage48 in Ramallah

For the first time in the history of Garage48 an event was hosted from 30.01-1.02 in Ramallah, Palestine. While the Palestinian tech industry is still young and facing many difficulties, the city surprised with great enthusiasm and a notable amount of participating women. 20 ideas got pitched and 8 teams started the work towards a prototype. After demoing their products to jury on Saturday, TendeRFQ.com, a platform for tender requesters and suppliers, was annouced as the winner of the first Garage48 Ramallah, Co-op Delivery as the runner-up and Handi as the second runner-up.

On the opening night Nedal Zahran, founder and a consultant of the Leaders Organization greeted the Garage48 team with the inspirational words "When you leave, we hope that you go with two impressions. First, that there's a new generation of Palestinians who are very keen on making things happen. And second, you will want to come back." 

Teams and their ideas  

  • EquiPal - Introducing therapeutic for special needs. It will create a community for them where they can do an activity that's good for them physically and emotionally. Team: Lana Safadi, Asma Bakri, Tareq Jarallah, Hazar Kan'aan  
  • Shoopy - Social Marketplace. Team: Mustafa Assaf, Mahmoud Musa, Feras Khatib, Mohammed AbuAi sha 
  • Online Doctors - Making communications between Doctors in all medical majors and patients easier. Patients can take appointments at doctors, doctors can publish medical reports, in addition to the website includes ads about new medicines. Team: Ghada Reihan, Rami Mazen, Talal Zayadne, Samah Alamour  
  • CoopDeliver (runner-up!) - Not home to receive your packages? Let a local business handle it. Team: Shaher Husein, Jehad Hammara, Ahmed Abu Omar 
  • Handi (second runner-up!)- Alocation based application that aims to benefit customers by guiding them to the nearest available location that answers their request. The application should allow users to identify vendors and service providers ranked by distance. Team: Nadeem, Mays, Reham, Mus'ab, Ayoub, Zeinab, Khalil, Ahmad, Mohammad, Yazan, lamess  
  • LinkAge - A simple video conferencing tool for the technologically challenged and those who wish to reach them. Team: Mamoun Assouli, Omar Arafat, Enas Tomalieh, Mohammed Hammad
  • Photooz - Here in Palestine, the number of photographers is increasing and many of them take photos without taking money. Photooz's idea is to make a site for them to sell their photos with a good price and to share their photos for the whole world, not just for the Palestinian area. Team: Shaban, Omar, Mohammad, Aya, Noor 
  • Khzane - We are designing a platform that connects customers with their favorite brands and tailored outfits. Team: Karma Abu-Ayyash, Ayah AlMuhisin, Ayoub ZeinEddin, Rawan Abu Ishira, Barah Odeh, Majid Kanan , Noura Radeidah   
  • TendeRFQ (the winner!) - we are building platform for tender requesters and suppliers. Team: Abed almonem Fatafta, Feras abu Nemreh 


Alongside with estonian and latvian mentors Ragnar Sass from Pipedrive, Krists Avots and Maret Kruve from Garage48, there were lot's of local entrepreneurs advising the participants including Ambar Renova, manager of Digital Entrepreneurship Programs at Leaders Organization; Omar Omran, faculty member Birzeit University’s College of Business and Economics and Taylor Valore, principal at Sadara Ventures. 
Also among mentors were Radi El Fassed, Co-Founder & director Arabreneur and Vice President of Business Development MENA Apps; Khaled Abu Al Kheir; Nadeem Issied, Co-founder of Creative; Odeh Quraan,  a serial entrepreneur; Talal JabBe ari, founder of Capture Productions and of Fariqak.com; and more. 

  Final demo event on Saturday and the winners

This was an challenging event overall: for the first time technical issues (think of WiFi connection) hindered the development so much that participants had to change venue mid-event. But even with this setback, teams didn't give up, worked hard and presented their ideas to the jury Saturday night.     Jury members included Huda El Jack from Massar International, Hiba Darwish from Padico Holding, Hani Dajani from Abraaj Capital and Omar Sahili from Wataniya Mobile.    After a consideration the jury decided to announce TendeRFQ - a platform for tenders requesters and suppliers as a winner of the first Garage48 Palestine, Co-op Delivery as a runner-up and Handi as the second runner-up.


Big thanks to our sponsors and partners

The event was co-organized with Leaders Organization and supported by Mercy Corps.  Big thanks to our sponsors, partners and mentors for making this great event happen!

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