Introducing the new startups of VUNK Garage48

Amazing 3 days have passed in SpaceX event centre in Tallinn, Estonia. 18 teams have worked for 48 hours, got mentoring from business, tech and marketing pros, pitched their business ideas and proved their teams worthy enough to get to the validation stage by Startup Wise Guys.

The jury is now in the middle of choosing 7 startups for the team validation phase. The decision will in no means be easy. Take a look below what has emerged during past 48 hours.

Virtual Alias

This is an app to see who is around you, 100 m radius.


Finding and buying a proper pre-owned car can be slow & messy. With it isn't.


ShopOn is an augmented reality based mobile solution that aims to give online retailers an opportunity to add a layer of interaction and information while the customers will have a better understanding of what they are actually buying and if it event fits in their home.


BiteBite is changing the way you order food. 
Cooking right meal for dinner haven’t been so easy before. Swipe favorite recepe, order all needed ingredients and in 1 hour all goods will be delivered to your door. You can just enjoy cooking! 


HypeSilo is a smart-bot that replies automatically to customers on social media in crisis situations.  


CADirect developed a software platform to enhance CAD workflow by integrating supplier databases directly into CAD workflow. 


Let's export Estonian mobile-ID and make it even cooler. You can make blockchain based identity and sign documents with it, using only your mobile. Let's take a step into the paperless future. 

Gimme helps you to organise any kind of event – list down your gift ideas, party essentials or other special wishes and share them with every attendee. 

Holme Care

We connect care workers directly to customers. 

FOODCIP is a personalized food recipes delivery service based on needs of your family. 


MovePrep secures expat professionals living spaces in new cities by striking rental deals with property owners ahead of time – this way, you'll have a flat as soon as you've completed identity verification.  


Crowdsourced sales team. 

Grifters Wallet

Grifters Wallet aims to keep your valuables safe by tracking your beautiful wallet.

wise deal

Marketing platform, where clients create requests for electronics goods and vendors offer prices is a bidding manner. 


Nimi is an online service for people who are choosing a name for their startup, product, or brand. We help businesses avoid failing in global markets - by testing their name candidates for linguistic, cultural, and regional issues via a worldwide community. 

PostPal Push

PostPal Push - get a courier at the push of a button 

Backpack Chat

Backpackchat - Connecting backpackers to old and new friends through geolocationing. 


A location based instant events application. With ATM you can host and find currently ongoing activities that are shown to all other users in the vicinity.

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