Kharkiv Garage48 Hackathon Brought Real Cyber Security Solutions Into Being 

On 10-12 of November, Garage48 gathered Kharkiv's truly great community for 48 hours hackathon which focused on the main aspects of cyber security challenges we are facing today. From developers and cyber security experts, to project managers and designers, 6 talented teams assembled for bringing the best winning idea into a working prototype in two days ONLY!

Nothing would be the same without the people who helped the participants unfold their potential to the fullest during the intensive weekend! The mentor and experts team consisted of specialists from the local and international cyber security field: Ragnar Sass (Lift99), Calum Cameron (, Joseph Carson (Thycotic), Liis Narusk (Elevate), Andrus Padar (Estonian Defence League’s Cyber Unit), Julia Shaptala (WebspellerChecker), Vitaliy Yakushev (10guards), Nikita Knysh (ProtectMaster), Bohdan Skriabin (Distributed Lab).

Heartful thanks also goes to our wonderful JURY - Liis Narusk, Joseph Carson, Calum Cameron, Vitaliy Yakushev & Marily Hendrikson.

Helen Ennok, 1st Secretary in the Economic Affairs - Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, gave a short opening speech at the beginning of the hackathon event on Friday. She thanked the Garage48 team and all of its partners for the passion and devotion that they have put in organizing the cyber security hackathon in Kharkiv. Helen also warmly congratulated all the participants for the determination to join the event and to develop ideas for a subject whose importance is growing every single day. “The most important is that you participate, that you learn something and every experience you have helps you understand better what you want to do in the future and moves you forward”, she shared.

Marily Hendrikson, Cyber Defence Project Leader in Startup Estonia, introduced to the participants the ambitious idea that’s behind Startup Estonia as a project and shared information about the Estonian ecosystem. Startup Estonia is a governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the Estonian startup ecosystem in order to be the birthplace of many more startup success stories to come. Additionally, she introduced to the audience potential opportunities for future cooperation between Estonia and Ukraine, how to apply for e-residency & where to look at if you want to find work in Estonian startup.

Special thanks also to our wonderful volunteer Igal Ozik who proved to be a real moving mountains marketing master!

Now let's go to the most exciting part. We will announce the winners of Garage48 Cyber Security Kharkiv 2017: 

1000 EUR

Simple and secure device for sending encrypted text messages over any low-quality audio medium.

Team: Kaarel (project manager and part-time developer), Dmitriy (security project manager), Artem (back-end developer & research)
Vsevolod (front-end android developer), Ilya (research), Andrew (research)

1st Runner-up
500 EUR
Social Engineering Training

Social Engineering Training proposes is a web-based application intended to teach employees cyber hygiene, e. g. how to prevent cyber-attacks, information loss, and identity theft. The application is interactive and simulates real-life situations, which users should identify and choose how to act. The product is intended for companies interested in protecting their business information and thus preventing money and property loss. As employees are in the majority of cases the target of cyber-attacks, the application with gamification elements and interactive components is an effective training tool and the acquired skills are easy to implement in real life.

Team: Liza Chernysh (PM), Julia Gaidukova (UI/UX designer), Jean Pierre Nzabahimana (business analyst), Olena Stoliarova (front-end developer), Alexandr Ostapenko (front-end developer), Vladimir Pohribnichenko (back-end developer)

Startup Estonia Special Prize: Startup Estonia gives 3 FREE passes for the annual flagship startup & tech event of the world’s first digital society - Latitude59.

Favourite of the Audience

ZeroDay is an alarming system which warns you in case a civil drone (mostly multi rotors with camera) is approaching your premises. The system detects unwanted eyes on the sky at your perimeter by detecting and analyzing radio signals, emitted by drone. Typical commercial drone detecting system, available on the market today, costs quite a lot and the team is working on a cheaper solution, which production costs will not exceed 8 k€. All this has become possible, because due to the availability of cheap SDR (software defined radio) components on the open market.

Team: Andrus Padar (team lead, product manager), Roman Sachenko (software developer), Dmitry Sushko (software developer), Shovkun Vadim (hardware specialist, cyber security specialist), Amine (wireless engineer), Magda Denis (wireless engineer, cyber security specialist

Descriptions of other great teams in the Garage48 Cyber Security Kharkiv hackathon:

 Social Engineering Training

Watchbird is a tool for fishing and fraud detection during digital communication.

Team: Michael Nitsenko (team lead/data scientist), Maxim Suprunenko (front-end developer)Semen Shestakov (back-end developer), Tatyana Oryekhova (marketing specialist)

Blockchain Auth

Blockchain Auth is a multi-level Auth on Blockchain. More flexible & secure than traditional providers.

Team: Tarmo Annus (development), Irina Shapoval (UI-designer), Sergey Feldman (product)

Smart Block 
Smart Block creates a simple and convenient device that provides an additional layer of high-level protection for your PC and can be integrated into other systems.

Team: Artem Denysenko (developer), Anna Kolycheva (PM), Olexandr Poliakov (developer), Mykola Ivanov (developer) 


Last but not least, another big thank you goes to our sponsors and partners who are helping us realize one more successful hackathon where the true magic happens:

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