Truly international  crowd solving the cybersecurity problems at Garage48 Cyber Security!

Garage48 Cyber Security  is  kicked off on Friday, April 20th at TTÜ IT-College with a super international crowd of almost 100 participants.

Garage 48 Cyber Security is a full-size hackathon following the three Idea Garages held in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. The main aim of this event-series was to bring the cybersecurity communities of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and UK closer together and gather ideas and challenges which are ready to change the world. “An impressive impulse of neurons, located inside of this young collective brain, is visible here, right now!” commented one of the mentors, Andrus Padar, Chief of Estonian Defence League’s Cyber Unit, after the idea-pitching on Friday.

This time, there were 19 innovative, fresh and even somewhat crazy ideas presented at the pitch-session and by the end of the evening, 9 teams started the hard work on developing their ideas into real prototypes, applications and platforms. “We are very pleased and happy to see that all the winners of the Idea Garages in  Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn joined us for the hackathon and were able to form supportive and hard-working teams to work on their ideas,” said the event host and the co-founder and CEO of  ELEVATE by Garage48 - Liis Narusk.

Check out those ideas chosen, which got all the required amount experts and support in order to continue with the prototyping over the weekend:
1. Beware the Troll 

Interactive fun online platform targeted to non-IT people to understand the cyber threats.
2. CC-Hominem
Garage Cyber Security Riga WINNER

An access, which creates a blockchain system for authentication - foolproof ledger to every blockchain user.
3. PicPass
Garage Cyber Security Vilnius WINNER

A password generator that has a time limit and uses pictures instead of usual symbols.
4. Arnold’s team
Secure communication method between IoT devices
5. NayFUD

Idea Garage Cyber Security Tallinn WINNER

A web application that focuses on small enterprises and startups to help them making smart information security investment decisions.
6. Keep a Changelog

Automate changelogs generation to make it more secure and efficient and less effortless.
7. Cyber Security Community

Community/platform for and about cyber security to educate both regular people and hackers.
8. Data Breach

Data Breach notification app to becomplined with GDPR - targeted to companies who are processing data.
9. Pluggable end-to-end encryption

Safe way to share data without the service provider in the middle to see the data.

Ideas that didn't gather the required amount of team-members this time were about:
ransomware-free reboot; how to safely store your private data; informing private and business users how their data is protected and how the data should be protect; face identification instead of written passwords; GRC platform; hotspots to identify safe place for Internet; a service that will be monitoring all the app versions and notify you when you are in risk; the terms and conditions tracker etc.

Through intense brainstorming, different expertise and positive attitude, a lot can be done during the weekend! Especially with the help by top notch mentors like David Chan CEO @Cyber startup, EiR @CyLon; Kieren Lovell, Head @Computer Emergency Response - University of Cambridge; Oliver Sild, Co-Founder & CEO @ WebARX, Calum Cameron Management Team Member @ Startup Wise Guys; CEO @; Refman Zafar Co-founder @ Verimuchme; Andrus Padar, Chief of Estonian Defence League’s Cyber Unit; Kirils Solovjovs, IT security expert and lead researcher @ Possible Security; Hans Metsoja, Security engineer; Karen Burns, Consulting Director - Cybersecurity at CGI; Martin Verrev, Creative Engineer @Littlebit and others.

The event is organised by Garage48 in partnership with the financial support from British Embassy in Tallinn and Startup Estonia.

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