Have an idea for Dnipro's IoT hackathon? Here's the list of equipment to get things started!

The "Internet of Things" hackathon on 28-30 October in Dnipro, Ukraine will be one you do not want to miss! Garage48 is teaming up with international and local mentors and companies to provide world class advice and equipment for the participants of the event.

Here is the list of equipment to help you form your ideas and get ready to hack the world of IoT with us!

Be sure to register for the hackathon and get more information HERE  and join the official event page on Facebook to get updates and information!

Every team will have access to the following items and gadgets (PS: be sure to take along any additional stuff you might need):

7x Edison

7x RasPi 3

2x Sensorkit

3x Weller

9x Arduinod

2x Arduino Sensor kit

5x Arduino Supplement Kit

4x ELLP basic kit

14x Rechargable batteries

3x Rasberry Pi camera module

3x cable USB to serial

1x Dremel

7x Multimeters

7x Pi3 PSU

3x Wire cutters/pliers/tweezers

10x Breadboards

3x Jumper wires

2x Heat shrink kit

3x Calipers

1x Wires, 0.5mmsq

16x USB power supply

25x Battery 9V

10x Carpet knife

5x esp8266

2x Screwdriver set

1x Heat gun

1x Wires, 0.12mmsq

4x Tape, Gaffer

5x Memory cards

4x Cleaning fluid (IPA)

3x Wires

3x Tape, insulating

4x Solder

2x Hot Glue gun

100x LEDs

1x Scissors

14x microUSB cable

4x Flux

4x Superglue

10x PCB2

9x miniUSB cable

30x Pin headers

25x Hot Glue

6x Spray paint black/white/red

1x Cardboard, thick

9x Extension cords

3D Printer

1x Cotton swabs

1x Oscilloscope

8x Prototyping board micro

7x Prototyping board large

5x Servo TowerPro SG90


Take advantage of this unique opportunity and be part of the disruption!

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