Garage48 Tourism Pärnu Hackathon Is About To Funk Up The Tourism Industry

Garage48 Tourism Pärnu hackathon in partnership with the Eneterprise Estonia Tourism Board has kicked off with lots of ideas and innovative thinking! 116 participants from the TOURISM and ICT sector have gathered to build working prototypes under a tight time frame for the global tourism industry. We are off to a great start by also having participants from all over the world - Ukraine, Latvia, UK, US, Japan, the Dominic Republic, Russia, Germany, Uganda and of course Estonia. 
Besides rocking the tourism sector, Garage48 also celebrates the 3rd year of hosting Women Special hackathons in Pärnu. We together with Tech Sisters aim to bring more women to the IT and Startup Scene. 
Are we on to a winning combination - having mixed teams hacking for the goal of unlocking the next treasure box in technology? You bet!

Today, on 13th of November, we were greeted with warm and hopeful words by the The Deputy Mayor of Pärnu Rainer Aavik. Mr Aavik said that even though Pärnu is widely known as a tourist spot during summertime, the city in the Western Estonia also offers activities for the winter season. 

The evening was followed by celebrating the successes of previous Garage48 Women Special winners Timbeter and Sorry As A Service. The two winning teams have something in common - the idea of unexpectedness. The co-founder of Timbeter Anna-Greta Tsahkna told that she just came to the hackathon 2 years ago to see what is going on, but ended up in a team that now generates awards and interest wherever they go. The same applies to Sorry As A Service - the idea was first pitched as a joke, is now a serious business and the ticket to happiness for the co-founders. 

We have 17 teams working non-stop in full brainpower-mode at the premises of Tartu University Pärnu College, let's introduce the ideas that attracted team members and are off to a promising start. 

Let pitching start:

  1. Flius – are you in a long-distance relationship? platform that analyses flights & other transport to figures out what is the cheapest based on algorithms
  2. FREE All-in-1 AudioGuide - a community powered audio guide that enables to get guide service for free
  3. HansaBooking - app where you add job description and then select guide. The first guide gets the job
  4. Soundy - have friends living abroad? the solution lets you send a mobile voice message in the morning to wake up your dearest or at any other time
  5. ShipItWise - an app that enables the easiest way for air travelers to ship bulky items
  6. ZENBNB - an online platform and booking site for mindfulness experience, connects customers with temples etc
  7. Team To Travel - a web service for you to find travel buddies
  8. Start selling - Set up products (event, voucher, gift card) to help to sell and promote the products by businesses
  9. A service for space travel
  10. MadeInHere – an app that maps all the products are made category, it lets people to view, rate and then send them to the shop to keep money locally
  11. Eatsy - the big old question - what to eat tonight? find out by their easy-to-use filtering system where to go for eating out. This is the solutions to every eating problem
  12. FestivalStatisticsBureau - a dashboard that presents to them real-time ticket sales and later gives the impact to the client/organiser
  13. Sportimate - social network platform for people interested in sports and find sports buddies, also while travelling
  14. STC - a gaming app to discover the world with quality, adding maps, authentical info, geo cash etc with quests
  15. Ajapaik - a platform for corwd-sourcing and geo-tagging historical photographs
  16. A peer-to-peer AirBnB style site to book activities while travelling
  17. Food advisor - An app to gather all the database from the restaurants

Better luck next time:

1.  Freecity - free reservation service for city tours 

2.  DIY Events - manage event in one place: manage guestlist, find catering, venue, add photos, get feedback etc.

3.  TravelStation - app that will be your virtual travel agent. Get info, choose what you like & later pay

4.  Inna - 2 have local online booking system that will keep money in the country + attract local customers

5.  Jammin - are u traveling and want 2 know where the best party is? Thanks 2 Jammin mob app you will keep partying!

6.  LocalsWait - locals to meet talents and bring some local skills home!

7.  LonelyPlanet - to help tourists to plan their journey, the iOS app generates to journey from A to B

8.  Stalker - Contemporary art theme park with installations etc to mix adventure and culture tourism

9.  Supplier - a app that helps resturant owners to get the best, local and freshest food from farmers

10. Travierge - tailors your travel experience based on your feelings and preferences, presents local text & content

11. TRIPME - unexpected & personalised tours & activities, offers based on alogorithms & indicators from socialmedia

12. Ecotourism - a booking site for eco sertified travelling possibilities

13. WellnessIdeas - platform that makes wellness offers to people (meditation, healthy food etc)

14. Guide me now - website where you can find local freelance city guides

15. BlogAdvisor - a B2B platform to help analyse the readers to give data for the blogger to be more efficient

16. InteractivePerson - an app that will show the profiles of 10 closest people near to you at the moment

17. One single app that book any bus ticket in Europe

18. A app where people can play team sports together

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