Garage48 Success Stories - GoWorkaBit

GoWorkaBit started at Garage48 Women Special hackathon in Pärnu in October 2013. Kei had been working in HR industry and saw the need to connect companies that need urgently workforce for short periods and people who want to work a bit. She pitched the idea at Garage48 event and met Gerli and Ethel for the first time there. Kristjan who is today CEO of GoWorkaBit attended the event as mentor. So it was totally the „preparation meets luck“ kinda event for all of us.

The Story behind GoWorkaBit is that everyone sould have freedom to choose when and where they work. To get experiences and to combine their ohter activities with working as flexibly as possible and as needed. There are certain groups of people today, who can´t participate in work market, because there are no options for such flexibility. Students, who want to choose the time and place for working on weekly or even daily bases. People who already work somewhere and want to do some extra to earn more.
Young parents who don’t want to return for a full-time work yet. And of course we all know that more and more people don´t want to commit for working 9-7, 40 hours per week anymore.

Our team is the reason we want to work a bit every day, all day. :) We have 4 Co-Founders: Kristjan (CEO), Gerli (COO), Ethel (CTO) and Kei (Sales/Marketing). In addition, we have a awesome Developer named Siim and 2 the best Customer Support Superstars Kati and Triin. We are growing as we speak and we have some more cool people joining us hopefully shortly. We always use people from our own database as well to get stuff done, so we have had help from GWB users several times in sales, marketing, developing works and so on. 

GoWorkaBit started form one competition and we continued the path during first year. We won Seedcamp London in 2014 and were finalist in Ajujaht competition at the same time. After that we took part in several smaller competitions and have some more awards on our shelf.

The biggest achievement for us all is that we have been able to create revenue from the start and stay alive through difficult times. But most importantly that we have fun doing every day what we do- changing the world so that everyone can choose when and where they work. We have been lucky to have paying customers from the beginning.
Our revenue on 2014 was 430K and we intent to make it to 1M this year. But we are even more happy about 55 000 users in Estonia and large clients like Prisma, Statoil, Omniva, retail chains and restaurants. Because that shows the need for our service for both sides.
For us, next big and important step is to launch in UK and make everything in our power to grow, so that everyone can have the freedom to work a bit.

Doing the startup has been a road of lessons for us all and that makes it so exciting.
We have learned that in the startup world - the team is the most important thing. Great team is what makes things happen and who support each other in crazy times. And if you ask what makes one team great, then it is willingness to learn constantly and desire to reach goals and make the visions of the start-up happen.

- Kei Karlson
Co-Founder @GoWorkaBit

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