The 9 awesome projects of Garage48 Odessa

Saturday night was a bit rough for the teams and we sadly lost two of them. We wish the teams good luck and hope that the two ideas will still be realized!
Here is your opportunity to meet the 9 awesome teams that are still in the competition to win!

1) Epiccenter – is a platform that will not let you miss anything interesting that's happening around you. It allows you to post a picture or a video stream about an interesting, unordinary or socially important event and also it will allow you to discover new interesting events, locations and people. 

Team:  Sergey - Designer, Ivan - iOS developer, George - Backend/Frontend developer,  Vlad - Visioner/Asskicker

2) Homie – connects people with problems and experts via instant-messaging and video streaming services (Telegram, Slack, Messenger, etc. ). Homie integrates with modern chats using chat bots and chat API.  

Team: Bogdan Sviripa — Back-End developer, Dmitriy Tkalich — Team Lead and marketer, Daniel Dantsev — UX/UI and marketer, Evan Kostyuchenko — Back-End developer, Vlad Kuznetsov — Front-End developer.

3) Hey Mom! - application for future moms, that collects all documents and pictures related to the pregnancy.

Team:  Valerii Minenko - ios, Vladimir Lymar - ios, Rostislav Stekh - backend, Andrey Novak - backend/frontend.

4) Pixpie – SDK is for developers to compress images for the clients on different resolutions.

Team: Eugene Shevchuk - backend developer, Dmitry Osipa - mobile developer, Alex Olgashko - backend developer, Daniil Kutsyna - designer.

5) Matchup - Professional success is tied with building quality relationships. Whether you're looking for a new job, professional advice, a business partner, or consulting meeting Matchup helps you find the best person for that.  Use this app as a casual way to meet interesting people and grow your professional network. 

Team: Max Ostryzhko - developer,  Rodion Rozhkovsky - developer, Dmitry Postolenko - developer, Mihail Panchenko - developer, Maxim Kukurudziak - designer, Gusinskiy Yuriy - designer, Alexandr Bilchenko - designer, Asia Kolisnichenko - visionary.

6) SmartCityCenter – System of IT-apps for city government: processes automation and integration of all services into a single mobile application. This service is mainly meant for the government and citizens.

Team: Vlad Krakovetskyi - Team lead/Project manager, Vladimir Gnatiuk - iOS Developer, Anton Pomeshchenko - Back-End Engineer / Developer, Bogdan Stepanyk - Android Developer.

7) Phest – Make a pic and challenge others by creating your own photo quest for the users. People can see the list of available quests and choose one to take part of. In order to participate you need to upload the photo that  accomplishes the task of the quest. Participant get points for each upload and can potentially use points to create his own quests. The tasks are with limited timing and the task creator chooses the winner right after the end of the quest.

Team: Sikorskyi Stanislav - Android Developer, Anton Shabouta - Backend Developer, Sergey Frolov - Frontend Developer, Alex Prokofiev - iOS Developer.

8) Mishenka – personal reader for car drivers. This mobile app reads to you the top news from the selected channels and your twitter friends feed.

Team: Igor Kalashnikov - mobile developer, Eugene Nagorny - developer, Vyacheslav Goldenshteyn - developer, Ekaterina Maltseva - designer, Karina Lapina - visionary and product management.

9) WineYarder – A tablet app that makes online models of growing trees. It later helps you to cut them and analyze their growth.

Team: Andrii Chebukin - Ideologist, Team Lead, Mobile Developer, Nick Raienko - Frontend Developer, Aleksander Kerser - Backend devloper, Computer Vision engineer, Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi - Backend devloper, Machine Learning engineer

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