Garage48 is going Mobile in Lviv!

Being in Lviv is always great, but this time it is absolutely exceptional! With our main partners Estonian Development Cooperation, N-iX and Midealab we welcomed a record breaking 119 participants! We are so happy and excited to see so many people joining us in our Ukrainian events!
On Friday we had 24 ground-breaking pitches out of which 18 were submitted. Below are the ideas and their short descriptions.

1. Always Be Closing
Voice activated app based on Alexa to help sales people close more deals.

2. Chamy
Marketplace for technical needs with the AI providing the skill or person.

3. Delikraves
Platform for chefs to connect with people nearby.

4. Fit Dreams
App that pushes you to go to bed based on your calendar events.

5. Recruiter's Helpmate
Chatbot that helps the communication between candidate and recruiter.

6. Graime
Platform that shows live music performances nearby.

7. Heutagogy
Learning platform that collects info from internet and use flashcards for user

8. ISeeDish
Smart calories calculator

9. Just in Case
Mobile app that helps discover what kind of insurance you should have for traveling

10. PicBack
Get anonymous reactions to your personal pictures before you post

11. Blockchain of ideas
Idea sharing application. Share equity of your company, and get a team to work on your idea.

12. Reakt
You post a picture or video and you see the real video reactions

13. SmartCity
Government public information posted directly to users

14. Draiser
App that helps men choose their outfit for the day and to schedule their laundry

15. Pidvezu (Пидвезу)
A ride sharing app

16. onStage
Game where the app asks you to share a certain emotional expression, playing movie scenes.

17. Ultra Remote Control
Universal remote control, with your mobile phone to control Smart Objects.

18. Accure
Mobile app that schedules messages to be sent on a specific time or place

Here’s also a shoutout to the teams that didn’t make the cut this time, but did a great job with pitching!

CV Holder
Job searching tool.

App for creating your psychological profile

Platform that breaks long forms and surveys into small pieces. Chatbot or mobile app

The Reader
App that translate book words from english to your language instantaniously

You point your phone and get information about what you see.

Get Visa Docs
Chatbot which helps you to get your visa.

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Show your support and see the final demos on Sunday, March 5 at 5.30pm GMT+2.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners who are helping us make the magic happen!

This event is organized by Garage48 with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.

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