Garage48 Kiev 2015 ideas

Garage48 is in sunny Kiev for the first time and we have just finished listening to all the pitches. Our event is taking place in the coolest coworking space in Kiev- Chasopys.

Venue, mostly full of developers, is now prepared for an intensive weekend! 

Altogether over 55 participants from Ukraine, Poland, Kyrgyzstan (WOW, right?) and Estonia joined, to take part of our amazing hackathon. 

Out of 16 ideas pitched, 9 teams attracted the required number of members needed to start developing the idea into a prototype, marked underneath with bold.

1.   Cherrytea -is an online social service to connect people with stuff and people with cars to charity organizations.

2.   Coach Kiev- coach community where you can find coaches through reviews and ratings.

3.    Magic Pancake- app to combine to-do lists, countdown timer and reports.

4.   Searching lotto- a searchengine with a possibility to win money

5.   PayLess- a service that will help you to save money and buy products for their fair value. User enters the list of goods and the system finds the nearby stores where this basket can be bought for the lowest price.

6.   DeliverAll- Online service to order food and goods home.

7.    Parking Hero- They provide an instrument for users to easily send an official claims for parking rules violations.

8.    Volunteer service- Service for projects that need volunteers.

9.    SafeServ- easy alarm system for car and home, what provides it’s  safety.

10.  Promise- a cloudservice to create links that later can be filled with content.

11.  Eventer- A mobile app showing event data and gathering information for event organizers about potential participants

12.  Highlihts- helpful social application for collecting and keeping your memories.

13.  TicketPro- an online ticketing system that lets you order and buy tickets before others 

14.  Dev&Dis- designers & developers collaboration workflow and version control system for designers.

15. Q bera- an online service to educate people.

16.  Let's buy together- an online social shop ping collaboration tool.


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