Garage48 is ON FIRE here in beautiful Minsk, Belarus!

The startup POWER AND PASSION of Garage48 is now in Imaguru Startup HUB in Minsk, Belarus. Thanks to the cooperation with the Estonian Development Cooperation and Startup Belarus the 48-hour-long hackathon is now already happening!

The hackathon already started on Thursday as the Garage48 participants from the Baltics attended the IE Venture Day Eastern Europe where many inspiring talks and discussion regarding startup business and possibilities took place, with also big international names like Mike Butcher from TechCrunch.

Garage48 mentor Ragnar Sass was also on the stage for the quest to spot the new startup talents of Belarus. The winning team of the competition at the event was not surprisingly was one Garage48 runner-up from the the event in Vitebsk last year!

But - the crème de la crème event currently in Minsk is, of course, the Garage48 Minsk hackathon. The event is now hosting participants from 4 different countries and with 70 participants! Garage48 Founder and one of the most colorful startup entrepreneurs in Estonia – Ragnar Sass is thrilled to be back in Belarus to help to contribute to building a startup ecosystem here. Even though the participating countries are small, we can join forces and then we are big! As Garage48 is all about execution and building something, without much further ado, we will present the lucky and kickass team that will, actually, without a doubt, KICK ASS during this weekend:

  1. – magic websites where you can rent anything you want, for example laptops for hackathons etc.
  2. ArtMart – a website, a marketplace for art with donations.
  3. Briberry - To sell positive reviews in return for free products. You arrive at a place, you check in, you show your registration at the barista etc, then you get your free stuff and then you leave a positive review of the place. 
  4. Imhobeer (Beerly) – beer rating tool, also for occasions, like if you have a birthday your friends can buy you beer. You can also write reviews for beers.
  5. Bee (Find egg) – game for websites. As marketers need to generate traffic for the website, the idea is to engage visitors to find how many eggs they can find at a website. In marketing it’s called content gamification.
  6. Chmail – to show the mail in another form for communication, instead of email.
  7. Speky – for product management, the idea is to make a hibrate of jira and google docs. The idea is to merge them together, so there would be a knowledge-based workflow. You can start writing your idea and then you can now make a selections for tasks etc. there will be a editor inside your product.
  8. WaitQR – forgot about for waiters in a restaurant is annoying. Scan QR/NFC on your table, order your meal, get a seat and pay for your meal.
  9. Inner Demon - A story driven game, as games are the best way to tell a message. Currently it should be PC-only.
  10. Stagehook – a marketplace for musicians, where musicians can get more booking for different sorts of events and get noticed. And the client can choose from a library of artists and make the booking right at the website.
  11. Lay Your Brick - Free distributor video manager, for your friends, you can search videos
  12. Bloody Biology – a learning game about exploring your body for kids, it will be biologically accurate.
  13. Interviewland – about communication with one goal. Audio sharing, data sharing for interviews. It’s for HR people to ask questions.
  14. Find A Buddy - A single button application that would find people in your location.
  15. Gurutalk - A system that helps to build your messages in a popup screen and real people translate your messages. So there are people 24h live and ready to translate your messages. The target is Russian-speaking people.
  16. Code Smell – each time you do a pull request on github, you will get a response that smells. A simple tool to have checks for developers.
  17. WebToMoby – when a user opens a webpage with mobile phone they will show a full page advertisement.

Ideas that did made it, but were awesome:

1. Home for thoughts - everyone who has friends on Facebook. Share your thoughts whom you trust among your social media friends that you really trust. Need UX designer, who will help with user interface.

8. SchemeWise – the problem you cannot communicate visually properly, so we nee to fix it. The solution you can use the different tablet devices stick together in real time terms and basically, you can share a diagram. Touch based real-time collaborative workflow platform. So everyone can sketch at the same time.

11. Analyst for Hire – integrated internet platform that the company accesses for consultants. It’s B2B platform.

13. Challenge it – parents create some goals, for example you get good marks in school, then you receive points. Monthly you get points and then you receive some revenue for this.

15. One Man Army – one posting for all social networks, whenever he wants, to integrate with several platforms. One-page where you can explain your content, so you can send it out to all market places.

19. AskOBan – all modern technologies make our life more easy, but not happy. You should all log off from the computer and go outside! A website that opens up a list of people who are willing to have some quality time outside. 

20. CanDoit – it’s a tool to break bad habits and get good habits in a funny way. The user publishes his goals with the publication in all social networks. if you screw up, you will be punished with penalty.

22. BroMeter – it makes people go out by meeting new person, you should just spread the idea through friends, you can buy respect that you can give out to your bros. a bro list with business cards for bro contacts. A tool to make your bro list to find people who want to be bros with you, the bros you have the bigger your meter is.

24. Playcey – you are going through some places with doing some puzzles, the target are tourists and the company can be global. They want to build a mobile app. For exaplme you will get some cool information about the city. 

25. Travel - A platform where you can coffer your skills and knowledge for groups to organize trips for free. Revenue will come from ads. When you go to places with a group, you get there cheaper. So you offer four trip organising skills and you get the trip for free.

27. Serenity Project – the problem to relieve stress, the app about meditiation, excerises, breathing, visualization, a nonstop monitoring, so you can calm down. 

28. Discop – like a widget for your market platform,. When you register a product you can get a solution for a good price. A discount product. A widget for online shop, you add to your site and get a new customer. A virtual client card.

30. Money Crossing – the idea is to check in a bank note as soon you get it, so you can check where to get it, so you can track the way where your bank note go to you. 

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