Four reasons to join Garage48 Hackathons

The Garage48 hackaton is coming up! It is a great occasion for connecting with people interested in the IT field and an entertaining  event where you can spend some productive and fun time with awesome people.

It’s the perfect event for finding new friends and potential business partners.  Since my first Garage48, I’ve been heavily addicted – the thrill, the pressure, the fun – it is truly awesome. I have participated in more than ten events and been a mentor in numerous Garage48 hackatons around the globe. During these events, I’ve found lots of cool new friends, clients and partners from my own country, Estonia, and from all over the world.  In one of my first Garage48 event, I met a brilliant developer, Martin Grüner, who later on became a really good friend of mine and a partner in many interesting projects. Together we went on to create Aplefly Games, one of the largest game studios in Estonia. Martin also visited Kampala OutBox this year in May to shed light on the developers’ side of the startup world. 
Garage48 is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and bring your game to the next level.  The 48-hour format keeps the pulse ticking and high tempo of the event running nice and fast to get the teams to develop their projects in the timeframe. But beware, you can easily get carried away by the concentrated excitement and hard work of all the teams working in the room, by all the energy and sleepless nights when you give 110%, which result in something amazingly awesome. 
I was in two teams simultaneously in my first Garage48 events due to the lack of designers. I am sure that thanks to the input from the teams and the manic tempo, I benefitted a great deal and developed my methods much further in a short time. 
You’ll get new and unique experience. One of the best aspects of these events is the chance to meet people from all kinds of fields and levels of experience and the opportunity to share all that knowledge. What ever kind of startup or business you are planning to create, one of your your main assets is communication, you need to socialize, talk and talk some more. You have the perk of learning from mentors who are experts in their field and have enormous  experience in creating startups and counceling others on the subject. In any case, you will learn immensely from simply observing other teams in their work and demonstrations.
It opens your eyes and makes you think. If you already have a startup, you can put your team to the test and bring your project to Garage48 to build something together in the limited timeframe and develop your collaboration skills among your team. If you are hesitant or do not want to jump into the startup world, the Garage48 event is a great means to make you think, and see things from a different perspective, not to say „to think out of the box“ (PS! The event will be taking place in OutBox).

The main goal in Garage48 is of course to have fun!  ;) 
Jaanus Sakkis
Garage 48 design mentor
*You can ask me how to reflect your brand in the product or service through design and stories. 

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