BDL Accelerate 2016 HealthTech Hackathon in Beirut was won by FacePhysio team innovating facial muscle recovery

From 2-4 November around 130 people gathered in Forum de Beyrouth in Lebanon for BDL Accelerate 2016 HealthTech Hackathon to disrupt the health and medical sector. Alltogether 21 projects were presented on Friday evening during the final presentations on Innovation Stage @ BDL Accelerate 2016 Conference. Jury chose FacePhysio, an app providing targeted facial muscle recovery, as the overall Winner of the HealthTech Hackaton and gave them a prize of 10 000 USD. BDL Accelerate 2016 HealthTech Hackathon was organized with the help of Banque du Liban, Garage48 and HackingSurgery.

BDL Accelerate 2016 HealthTech Hackathon was the very first hackathon event for Garage48 to organise in Beirut, Lebanon. Among local Lebanese participants there were also talented participants chosen from Garage48 community in Estonia & Eastern Europe and Touch Surgery community health sector specialists from UK. This combination of talented young participants brought great results, starting from serious projects like Graft Alert (Implantable device to monitor graft blood flow and alert doctor and patient of potentially failing graft) and ending with more daily apps like Dr. Jones (An app connecting you with a friendly doctor who speaks your language wherever you are in the world. Feel safe whenever, wherever).

“From the moment I walked in I’ve sensed a great amount of good energy. The conference is buzzing with people downstairs, but when you walk into the Hackathon area, you can feel the temperature in the room rising. I am literally blown away by how much these teams have achieved in such limited amount of time. It is mind blowing to witness health tech and hardware solutions develop in front of me. The future of healthcare is looking bright and with everyone bringing their own experience, we can all improve. It has been a powerful and inspiring event,” said Axel Sylvan, Doctor, Founder, CM & PO of My Recovery.

On Friday jury had a tough decision to choose winners from the 21 projects presented. This event the jury and mentors were also amazed by a talented Lebanese designer Jad Haidar who we decided to name as the "Most Inspirational Person" of that event. 

Following are the Jury members making difficult decisions:
* Ragnar Sass - Co-founder of Garage48, Pipedrive & Clanbeat
* Jüri Kaljundi - Co-founder of Garage48, Weekdone
* Jean Nehme - Founder of Touch Surgery
* Mathew Farkash - Entrepreneur & Founder of Blueprint Health
* Kristel Kruustük - Founder & CEO of Testlio
* Alvar Lumberg  - Engineering Lead of Transferwise
* Loubna Bouarfa - Founder & CEO @ Okra Technologies


10 000 USD Prize
Our app provides targeted facial muscle recovery and it makes treatment for facial weakness fun and socially acceptable.
Team: Mohsan Malik - Team Leader/Medical Expert, Pedro Carvalho - Business/Marketing, Mattias Arro - Full Stack Developer,  Kyrylo Kukhelyi - Backend developer, Kostiantyn Lapchevskyi - Bacnend developer, Rami Rikka - Designer,  Graphics Raghed Saab - Designer/Video, Maryna Razakhatskaya - Designer/UI developer

Runner-up Prize
Find A Nurse
( for home-nurses. An App that connects patients and their families with nearby qualified home-nurses at competitive prices.
Team: Hussein Sleiman - Team Leader & Marketing Officer,  Ali Majed - Senior Back-end developer, Mohammad Haidar - Senior Android Developer, Alice Jang - Project Manager, Mohammad El Cheikh Ali - Android Developer, Sara Sleiman - Registered Nurse, Hawraa Salim - Designer

Runner-up Prize
A mobile application that allows parents to track and improve the well-being of their children (medicine, vaccines, problems, latest news in the pediatric field)
Team: Nadim Henoud - Project Manager, Elie Kozaily - Medical Field Professional, Karim Tibi - Marketer, Jad Haidar - UI/UX Designer, Toufic Fakhry - Android Developer, Karl Ghosn - iOS Developer, Jhonny Khadra - Back-office Developer, Jean-Pierre Kayle - Front-end Developer

Biggest Health Sector Innovator Prize
See-Through Surgery
An AR-based application that allows dentists to see a 3D model superimposed on the patient while operating.
Team: Boutros Azar - Team Leader/Project Manager, Fadi Razzouk - Front-End developer, Rami Allam - Mobile developer, Ralph Wak - Healthcare specialist/Dentist

Biggest Social Impact Prize
Graft Alert
Implantable device to monitor graft blood flow and alert doctor and patient of potentially failing graft.
Team: Nick Shaper, Mohammad Farshoukh,  Michel El Murr,  Hanin Farshoukh

Favourite of the Audience Prize

This application connects patients, pharmacies and doctors in order to store medical data and to provide easy access to the users.
Team: Simon Al Achkar - Front End developer,  Mohammad Al-Korhani - Front End developer,  Edmond Saykali - Back End developer, Rody Yaacoub - Back End developer

Most Hard-working Team Prize
Automated pill dispenser for easy scheduling, alerting and monitoring users medical prescriptions routines.
Team: Karam El-Mawla Bassyouni - Team Leader/Mechatronics engineer, Ali Mouwsawi - Mobile developer, Hassan Nasser - Marketing specialist, Mustafa Dafer - Embedded systems engineer

BacterMap is a service to help doctors prescribe the right antibiotic for the patient to stop abusing antibiotics and save patients time and money.
Team: Charbel Dawood - Machine Learning Programming,  Abderlahman Ghalab - Front-end developer, Camille Dahdouh - Back-end developer, Julien Hosri - Designer, Gabi Alam -BioInformatics student

VM-Care is a technology driven preventive health care delivery platform, promoting the preventive care approach compared to the usual reactive systems.
Team: Rabih Maalouf - CEO - Tech & Marketing Lead, Said El Dah - Full Stack Software Engineer, Gabriel Habre - Software Architect, Ranine Andraos - Software Engineer/Front End, Mokhtar Itani - Software Engineer/Front End, Hala Itani - Graphic Designer, Simon Tadros - IoT Connectivity Specialist

Sicky is a medical experience sharing platform for chronic patients.
Team:  Mahmoud - Designer, Ahmad - Dev/Android, Costas Fantis - Doc, Sanka Bulathgama - Dev Backend & Web, Ge Gao - Frontend Dev, Andrew Yip - Data scientist, Kaspar Kikerpill - Business & Marketing, Ahamad Freijeh - Dev Web

The first step to an always available AI Doctor. Dia.Log : Captures and analyses the dialog between the patient and their health care professional. Allowing for 1) the patient to remember and understand their healthcare and treatment, 2) provides quality control for doctors, and 3) automated diagnostic coding to increase reimbursement to doctors from health insurance companies.
Team: Jim - CEO and Doctor,  Vishal Nangalia - Doctor & Chief Inspiration Officer, Zachary Hamida -  Analytics Guru, Nemer Nabbouh - Marketing & Design Guru, Ramzi Jiryes - IOS Dev Lead, Adham Goussous - Backend Dev Lead

Online Patient Communities
SUPP is a solution that helps patients who were recently diagnosed with a long term illness to support each other through an online community that is trusted, anonymous, and secure.
Team: Rana Haddad - Graphic Designer, Zeina Sadaka - Business Analyst, Chukri Soueidi - Azure Developer, Mostafa Katerji - Front end Developer, Omar Deryan - Front end Developer, Muhib Kfoury - Front end Developer, Fadi Khoury - Backend Developer

Simple, modular, customizable, patient management software & medical database. Medical eCommerce and services, ePrescriptions,Appointments.
Team: Ali J. Younes - Medical Expert, Team Leader, Software Developer, Mohamad N. Bzeih - Back-end Developer, Engineer, Alaa Maarouf - Front-end Developer, Engineer, Ahmad Hijazi - Business & Marketing

Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones connects you with a friendly doctor who speaks your language wherever you are in the world. Feel safe whenever, wherever.
Team: Joao Rei - Idea owner & Project Managment, Niko Porkka - Marketing & Sales, Margus Tamm - Partners & Sales, Adilet Maratov - Backend Developer, Joe Haddad - iOS Developer, Sandor Torn - Designer, Tarek Al Ariss - Medical advisor, Feras Mahdi - Medical advisor

Happy Faces
We provide an app that helps you monitor your diet and correlate it with your bowel movements to provide individualised reports to assist the well-being of your gastrointestinal tract through an improved diet.
Team: Daniel Berndt - Full Stack developer, Andrus Asumets - Frontend/Design, Feras Mahdi - Medical Expert, Zein Alabidine Hajj Chehadeh - Design

E-Rush is our responsive web app that allocates patients to available emergency care beds, saving time, money and lives.
Team: Amine Mallah - Backend Developer/Product Developer, Hannu Kikkas - Backend Developer/Product Developer, Dr. Gyles Morris - Healthcare Specialist, Brand Developer & Product Developer, Hicham Zeidan - Frontend Developer, Brand Developer & Product Developer, Cynthia Esber - Healthcare Marketing Researcher, Quantitative Analyst & Product Developer, Alaa Salam - Project Manager, Healthcare Market Specialist & Product Developer

A sticker that stores your medical information offline so that the doctor can access it in case of an emergency with not internet needed.
Team: Christian Kallas - Software Developer, Basel Jalaleddine - Mobile Developer, Ibrahim Ezzeddine - Marketing & Sales, Ismael Iskandarani - Graphic Designer

Drug Catcher
Drug Catcher is a simple P.O.S system for pharmacies,which saves the money that pharmacies lose because of expired products.
Team: Mohamed Hamdeen - Idea Owner/Marketer with Pharmaceutical Background, Mohammed Tinawi - Back-End Developer, Ali Jaber - IOS Developer

Drive Alive
Help truck drivers to stay awake by tracking their eyes and asking to solve mathematical problems using voice recognition.
Team: Tamara Koliada - BE developer, Ros Pavloff - BE developer, Diana Gabrielyan - Marketing, Jaanus Sakkis - UX/UI designer, Oskars Gauks - Project manager

Device for monitoring glucose levels
Team: Jad Mokdad, Abd El Rahman El Kaderi, Najib Abou Ismail, Ali Al Zein

Detecting abnormal activities in trees (device + app)

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