Feb 06, 2018 / uchavekua12

Amazing ideas of Garage48 Student Startup Camp 2018!

The Garage48 Student Startup Camp kicked off yesterday evening with a full room of inspiring students and high-class ideas. There are over 80 participants from different cities.

Students had 15 great ideas out of which 11 were submitted for further development. Below you can check out submitted ideas and their short descriptions.

1.     Recript.me --> e-Receipt

- The platform for storaging and managing receipts.

2.     Receipry

- An application about recipes, pictures of different foods. The application is connected to retailers from who you can also order the ingredients.

3.     HDM

- Very well structured data storage management program, online-based and sharable with other people.

4.     The Cool guys

- An application that lets people to give out tickets and fines for parking in co-operation with the parking area managers or private parking lot owners.

5.     Shakespeare

- Artificial Intellinegce as a social media content writer, that gives instructions and directions for creating content suitable for social media.

6.     Buy our stuff --> StartArt 

- Centralized catalogue, where products are listed by categories and where small manufacturers can stand equally next to big retail brand giants.

7.     Local Guides --> Guidy

- Service for tour guides to form groups of customers themselves – airBnB for travel and tour guides.

8.     Mure Pooleks

- Application platform where people having difficulties in life are connected to people having the same difficulties, in interactive chat programmes in groups led by mentors.

9.     Fits Me --> Suits You 

-Ecommerce platform to order different size shoes and clothes.

10. E-agendas --> eAttendance

-The platform for academic events and conferences.

 11. Eziport

- Reliable international package network to connect students travelling from the home country or the country of interest.

Some of the ideas that were left out:

Better overlays; Better Security; Gemssblog; Road Angel.

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Stay tuned on how they are doing for the whole week!