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    We at Garage48 take quite a bit of pride in the millions of dollars our alumni has raised in funding and businesses that have gotten started at our events. We also take pride in the pitches that make us laugh and fun little ideas that go nowhere by design. Because they’re fun, and while we can’t have fun all the time we owe it to ourselves to do it every now and then.

    So we bring in Garage48 Serious Fun. In partnership with Komeediklubi we’ll gather for 48 hours, team up talented engineers, designers and project managers to execute ideas that kill time, have no business model whatsoever and make us laugh. Where startup meets stand-up, if you will.

    Now, paradoxically fun can lead to bigger nobler things. Think The Onion. Or The Oatmeal. Or Darth Putin’s Twitter account. There are apps, sites and hacks that entertain you and make the world a better place, using swords of irony and bombs of satire.

    It may very well be that this Garage48 will lead to a dozen or so prototypes that just waste everyone’s time. It may also be we’ll change the world (for the better, hopefully). Whatever the result, it will be Serious FUN.

    Garage48 Serious FUN 2016 is aimed at senior start-up community leaders & professionals, start-up co-founders or just amazingly talented developers, marketers and designers.

    Friday, 8th April

    Saturday, 9th April

    Sunday, 10th April

    NB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible and likely to happen.