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  •  According to Garage48 co-founder Priit Salumaa the previous Garage48 events in Riga have proved to be the most fun events ever. The energy, enthusiasm and skills are just the ones needed to build products that would make people happy all around the world. Moreover, Riga hosts a bunch of notable gaming startups and startups that attempt to gamify the uttermost serious services to make them user friendly. All of this makes a great ground to launch more and more of great gaming & gamified products! Continue reading to find out some more great reasons: The Experience, The Mentors & The Prizes
    All of this makes a great grounding to launch more and more of great gaming & gamified products!

    The Experience

    Garage48 events are all about experience, to give you opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas, build together, learn new stuff. It is a great place to test your idea, by seeing if you can pitch it good enough to get a team and then build a prototype to test it with potential users. Its an equally great place to gain experience, learn new technologies by doing and of course have some fun! 

    A bunch of notable gaming companies are operating from Riga, including InnowateAmber Games and more. Some Riga-based startups attempt to gamify the uttermost serious services to make them user-friendly; for example, BranchTrack is turning customer engagement training into a virtual role-play.


    We expect about 100 people with a full commitment to participate the challenging 48 hour weekend program building new web and mobile applications. We are looking for various skill-sets and roles:

    For Marketers & Team leaders there is a pre-registration; as there is usually big interest
    PricingDiscounted ticket 10 EUR  for people younger than 23 years. Don't cheat!
    NB! Before you choose a role, insert Promotion Code "LessThan23" below the registration form. Accommodation
    We are expecting people from neighboring countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Finland etc).
    Garage48 has a flexible schedule. We have some key activities that needs to be planned ahead. 
    Here is our tentative schedule, at least you know when to show up :) 
    Friday, 5th of December Saturday, 6th of December Sunday, 7th of December NB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible and likely to happen.