Garage48 Reference Projects


  • VitalFields

    from Garage48 Tartu Aug 2011
    VitalFields is offering useful tools for farmers - agricultural weather forecasting, where farmers can see an accurate forecast for his specific fields. Crop protection module and several new features are under development. Company has raised €750K seed capital from SmartCap, TMT and angel investors.
  • Qminder

    Garage48 Tartu Aug 2011
    Qminder is the queue elimination system! A free smartphone App. for the end-user for comfortable remote queuing. Plus, web-based system for businesses to get personnel performance statistics, interact with customers on site and increase sales. Transforming waiting lines to revenue streams!
    Seedcamp investment.
  • GoWorkaBit

    Garage48 Parnu '14
    GoWorkaBit connects companies that need temporary extra personnel with people who are willing to help.
    Seedcamp investment.
  • Timber Diameter

    Garage48 Pärnu '14
    Professional mobile app for forestry industry to measure piles of logs quickly and accurately. Has raised 10K seed investment. Winner of Ajujaht 2014 in Estonia (€50K prize).
  • MightyFingers

    from Garage48 Riga Mar '11
    HTML5/JavaScript based game engine for creating beautiful and easily manageable games on all modern desktop and mobile devices. Games need to run fast and smooth so the player can enjoy them to the fullest.
    Seedcamp investment.
  • Fastr Books

    from Garage48 Valmiera Apr 12
    Fastr Books is a social book store. Pick books based on your friends advice and buzz of fellow readers! Company has raised 150k EUR seed funding from Angel Investors.
  • TrackDuck

    Garage48 Minsk Mar' 2013
    Project managers, designers and developers need to approve dozens of details with clients and then get feedback on what’s being build. TrackDuck is here to fix the situation with a new generation visual feedback tool for web development and design.
  • Campalyst

    from Garage48 Riga Mar '11
    Campalyst is your personal analyst for social media campaigns combining Facebook Insights and Google Analytics and bringing the best of both to you. It helps you understand how much money a Facebook Page brings to your business. 
    Seedcamp investment.
  • MyTips

    Garage48 Kiev '13
    Guide new customers through your site with step-by-step tutorials and help them discover the true value of your product.
    Seedcamp investment.

    Garage48 Riga '12 is a mobile application that helps you to gather your family, neighbors, friends or colleagues for going together to/from work, home, events and hobbies just with a few clicks.
  • Defolio

    from Garage48 Tartu Aug 2010
    Defolio simplifies designers' workflow by storing design files in the cloud, sorting them as web galleries and accompanying them with feedback and people involved. Alongside this process, a nice and simple profile gets created with designer's public projects.
  • Distrus

    Garage48 Tallinn '12
    Sell your music easily on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio & more. No setup or monthly fee. Start earning money from the first sale. 
  • Donate IT

    Garage48 Health Tallinn '14
    Every two seconds, someone in the world needs donated blood. Our mission is to use modern technology to create a brand new, more engaging blood donation experience. Mobile app and platform to connect donors with donation centers.


  • Mediahint

    Garage48 Riga '12
    Browser plugin to proxy and connect streaming and content services abroad. Dead simple to use. Free service! Try it out today.
  • Smashr

    from Garage48 Tartu Aug 2010
    Smashr is an addictive phone-smashing-game for Android phones. It has been called the Russian roulette for smartphones. Download the app, enter your name and what you are smashing the phone against! Live scores and much more.
  • GiveGif

    from Garage48 Valmiera Apr '12
    Mobile app that allows you to capture more from your special moment than just a static image. With GiveGif you can create short, stunning animations within just a few seconds, plus apply filters!

Public Services

  • Meieraha

    Garage48 Public Services Feb 2011
    Meie Raha (Our Money) is a project to visualize this 500 pages of Estonian Stage Budget in legal text into a simple web service so that every person would understand how the government budget actually works. The service allows you to play around with different cost and income segments and understand when the budget is balanced. The project was launched in Estonian language, but translation is in process.
  • Lastehoid

    Public Services Feb '11
    Lastehoid is a useful location based service to find closest aupairs (nannys) in your region. The database includes already 200 nanny's and has got a steady traffic and user base. Hopefully the service will expand outside of Estonia in near future.
  • Bribespot

    Garage48 Tallinn Apr '11
    Bribespot is a mobile and web application that allows you to see how much corruption is going on around. You can report locations where bribes are requested/paid, indicate the size of a bribe and area of government affected by it.

    Garage48 Tallinn Apr '11
    Register your personal FREE domain Service requires Estonian ID-card to set up your profile page and redirect it to your existing website, Facebook or LinkedIn account. also allows you to verify your social profiles and protect your identity. No fees, no catches, no hassle!
  • 112 Mobile

    Public Services Feb '11
    112 mobile enables people to make a emergency or help "calls" without voice. With a single touch through their smartphone devices. This could be pre-defined emergency messages for elderly people to inform their family members or doctors. Or SMS alert or direct chat with public emergency services.