We expect about 100 people with a full commitment to participate the challenging 48 hour program building new web and mobile applications. We are looking for various skill-sets and roles:
  • Graphic Designers - mavericks creating visual identity and user interfaces; some of them can do front-end as well, but it's not must.
  • Web/ Frond-End Developers - HTML/CSS/AJAX/JS wizards making the design work smoothly in all web browsers.
  • Back-End/ Mobile Developers - planning technical architecture, writing functional code and testing the outcome, some can built apps for mobile platforms.
  • Marketers - evangelists and sales wizards making the products fly and reach the audience. Marketers will be selected based on the application.
  • Team Leaders/ Visionary entrepreneurs - people with ability to start new business ideas, run teams and deliver; have good understanding about "the big picture". Team Leaders/ Visionary will be selected based on the application.


  • Combo ticket: 60 EUR (regular Slush price from 150 EUR) - covers all food, snacks and drinks during the event + as a special offer you can enjoy two-day startup Slush Conference at its best!

Benefits every participant is getting

  • Slush as one of the biggest startup conferences is a perfect opportunity to pitch your idea to investors, get direct feedback and have an opportunity to listen to number of international speakers
  • Garage48 Helsinki Slush 2012 event will have great mentors giving you advice during the whole event 
  • Garage48 participants will have a chance to combine the 2 best startup events for only 60€ (normal  price for Slush 150€) and 4 days full of networking, contacts is guaranteed! Check the agenda here
Accommodation & travel We are expecting people from neighboring countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden etc).
  • There is a possibility to stay overnight at Cable Factory - bring your own sleeping bag and a thin mattress.
  • We’ve reserved special discounts to several Helsinki hotels. Use the code SLUSH to reserve a room in either
    Sokos Hotel Torni
    - Sokos Hotel Albert
    - Omenahotels in Helsinki (1-4 person rooms, reserve before Nov 23rd), around 15€ per person 
  • Tallink is giving us discount for ship tickets TLN-HEL-TLN! Ticket costs 57€ for Garage48 participants (normal price starting from 69€). For Tallink discount please write

Event is cancelled

NB! Garage48 Helsinki Slush 2012 event is cancelled! 
Please read our blog post for more details and next steps >