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  • The Estonian Student Startup Camp (ESSC) is an intensive tech entrepreneurship boot-camp designed to arm students with skills and inspiration to launch technology-related ventures. The program is built and delivered by startup entrepreneurs from Estonia and abroad who collaborate to create a hands-on learning experience.

    The course is built around turning student ideas into teams and into working prototypes. This is facilitated by intensive mentoring, hands-on talks on specific topics around launching a tech startup and inspirational talks by #Estonianmafia founders, including people behind Testlio, Weekdone, Mooncascade and many more.

    For Whom?

    The boot-camp is aimed at students from Estonia, Latvia and elsewhere with a background in IT, engineering, design, marketing and business. The camp also welcomes participants from other disciplines, especially those who bring along with them novel ideas and an entrepreneurial can-do attitude. Every participant will be able to pitch an idea for the camp and/or join an idea one likes the most.

    Students enrolled in Estonian higher-education institutions may obtain 3 ECTS for successful participation in the camp. Please tick the "3 ECTS" box in the registration form if you wish to obtain credit points.


    To participate, you need to apply before 15 January 2016.

    Notifications of admission to the startup camp will be sent within one week of submitting the application.

    IT Academy Travel Grants

    IT Academy (http://www.itakadeemia.ee/) is offering up to 10 travel grants for students from Estonian higher education institutions who are not studying in Tartu. The travel grant covers transportation and hostel accommodation in Tartu. Students enrolled in full-time studies in the following institutions are eligible: Tallinn University of Technology, IT College, Tallinn University, Tallinn Polytechnic School and Estonian Academy of Arts as well as students from University of Tartu's Narva and Pärnu colleges.

    There is no separate procedure to apply for the IT Academy travel grant. All students who indicate in the travel form that they come from one of the above institutions will be considered for the travel grant. Travel grants will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so hurry up!


    Garage48 HUB Tartu, Raekoja plats 16
    Computer Science Institute, J. Liivi 2
    Physicum, Ravila 14c


    Any questions? Please contact us: ssc@garage48.org

    Tuesday, Feb 2                                       
    Where: Garage48 HUB Tartu
    Setting up the team & goals

    14.00 Intro, how things will work;
    Pitching ideas in 90"
    16.00 Team formation;
    Talk: Teamwork@startup; 30';
    Talk: Minimum Viable Product 30'
    18.00 Teamwork

    Wednesday, Feb 3
    Where: J. Liivi 2, room 405
    Customer validation

    10.00 Morning checkpoint
    10.45 Talk: Customer discovery 30' +
    quick break
    11.30 L : UX/UI: From wireframes to
    design that converts
    14.00 Team work
    16.00 Mentoring round / Team work
    17.00 QMinder 

    Thursday, Feb 4
    Where: J. Liivi 2, room 111
    Code like hell/ Getting the word out

    10.00 Morning checkpoint
    10.45 Talk: Startup marketing 101
    11.30 L : Social media marketing
    14.00 Team work
    16.00 Mentoring round / Team work
    18.00 Martin Rand, Vitalfields

    Friday, Feb 5
    Where: J. Liivi 2, room 111
    Code like hell/ Business modelling

    10.00 Morning checkpoint
    10.45 Talk: Business models
    11.30 L : Growth & scaling platforms
    14.00 Team work
    16.00 Mentoring round / Team work
    18.00 Eva Tomašpolskaja, Transferwise

    Saturday, Feb 6
    Where: J. Liivi 2, room 111
    Code like hell/ What happens next?

    10.00 Morning checkpoint
    10.45 Talk: Let's talk about money
    11.30 L : What happens after hackathons?
    14.00 Team work
    16.00 Mentoring round / Team work
    18.00 Talk: Preparing a great pitch

    Sunday, Feb 7
    Where: Morning @ J. Liivi 2, room 111
    Demo session @ Ravila 14c, Physics building
    Grande Finale

    10.00 Morning checkpoint
    10.45 Pitch drill #1 5+5 min per team,
    coaching 1on1 / Development
    11.30 Pitch drill #2 5+5 min per team,
    coaching 1on1 / Development
    14.00 Last minute fixes/ preparing pitch
    15.00 arrive at Physicum
    16.30 Final Demo @ Physicum (Ravila 14c)



    Jüri Kaljundi

    Co-founder at Weekdone; Co-founder at Garage48 

    Linkedin Facebook

    Maret Kruve

    Product manager @ Pipedrive, Co-founder @ Student Startup Camp 

    Linkedin Facebook


    Garage48 Advisor

    Linkedin Facebook

    Priit Salumaa

    Co-Founder of Mooncascade and Garage48

    Linkedin Facebook

    Jaana Metsamaa

    Lead Product Manager @ Pipedrive

    Linkedin Facebook

    Martin Rand

    EU Commercial Lead at The Climate Corporation


    Eva Tomašpolskaja

    Marketer @ Transferwise


    Rein Lemberpuu

    CEO and Founder @ Contriber


    Rain Rannu

    Managing Partner @ Superangel, Founder @ Fortumo


    Joosep Raudsepp

    Digital Marketer @ VURR



    Krists Avosts

    Garage48 events & sponsors

    Kai Isand

    Pitch coach & host @ Garage48 

    Linkedin Facebook