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  • Garage48 will team up with Rockit Moldova 2018 to bring to you a multi-stream, international megahackathon!
    We've chosen four topics that are important in the world and excite us, invited a bunch of experts and influencers to join us and attracted sponsors to give out desirable prizes!

    The four streams are :
    3)Creative Industries
    4)Healthtech by MedPark International Hospital

    Fintech : With the use of software and modern technology in the area where banks are opening their APIs and people are getting more demanding and aware of their financial transactions, it's really the highest time to contribute to the field with an application as successful as Transferwise, Revolut or Coinbase

    Telecom: What could challenge the big fishes who have operated in the market for decades? Or how could one add telecommunication capabilities to existing applications and services? Is there anything in the worlds of AI,IoT,AR/VR ,BOTs that telecom could benefit from?

    Creative Industries: One can really go wild when it comes to this one. The ecosystem of creative industries consists of the obvious ones like music, architecture, design and film but also video games, publishing, museums and even culinary and education. Now add data, new technology and a global dimension to it and you end up with something as successful as Spotify, recognized as the Assemble architecture studio or useful as Yummmly.

    Healthtech: No matter how developed the outside world is we will always have to take care of our health. This is why it's important to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care, with the ability to increase the development and commercialization of medicinal products. How to approach the privacy issues, better use data and perhaps even develop a system that is scalable globally?

    If any of these subjects is thrilling to you? Do you have a brilliant idea that needs some mentoring, a second opinion or additional team members? Register now, share your idea on the Facebook event and get ready for the weekend that can change your professional life.

    If you don't have an idea you would like to pitch, but are skilled  in engineering, developing, designing, marketing or project management then register as well and find yourself a team from the ideas pitched!

    Garage48 Hackathon is organised by Garage48 and CIVITTA Moldova with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.

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    Friday, April 27th
    Saturday, April 28th

    Sunday, April 29th



    Jaan Sarapuu



    Maxim Bîrcu

    Android Developer @ MarketsPulse


    Sergiu Negara

    Software Engineer @ Agile Partners FinTech Operations




    Sven Kirsimäe

    Chief Architect at LIFT99co / Former Engineering Manager at Pipedrive


    Vasile Valcov

    Senior Sales Manager @ Salt Edge


    Marko Oolo

    Investment Manager @ Superangel


    Joao Rei


    Maxim Abdusha

    IT Manager @ MedPark


    Tudor Mardari

    Founder at Cherry Digital Agency


    Sergiu Kirillov

    CG Supervisor @ Simpals Studio


    Natalie Mets

    Project Ninja @ Garage48 


    Ana Mardare

    Associate Partner @ Civitta Moldova 



    Country Manager @ CIVITTA


    Polina Shevchenko

    Project Manager @Garage48

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