Garage48 Kiev 2013

When 26-28 April, 2013

Where Kiev, Ukraine

  • Agenda
  •  Garage48 events have flexible agenda and changes are likely to happen. Here is our rough plan.
    Thursday, 25th of April 
    19:00-21:00 - Skype & Garage48 meet-up   
       Networking, coffee, snacks  
    @ Clockfacer Co-Working Space (ulitsa Vladimirskaya, 49А, Kyiv) REGISTER HERE

    Friday, 26th of April     
    15:00-17:00 - Microsoft Saas Applications Business & Architecture Specifics workshop How to make business with Saas Applications and what are the new architectural approaches designing Saas Applications. 
    Microsoft Office (Zhylyanskaya, 75, Kyiv, 4 floor) REGISTER HERE

    Friday, 26th of April
     Garage48 KIev 2013 
    week-end hackathon  @ Microsoft Office (Zhylyanskaya, 75, Kyiv, 4 floor) REGISTER HERE
    • 17:30 - check-in, networking, coffee, snacks
    • 18:15 - Opening remarks
    • 18:45 - Pitching ideas (90 sec per idea)
    • 19:45 - Coffee Break
    • 20:00 - Pitching ideas (cont.)
    • 21:00 - Forming teams, everyone will choose their favourite idea
    • 22:00 - Teamwork begins, lets start the hard work!
    • 24:00 - Venue closes

    Saturday, 27th of April
    • 09:00 - Doors open. We offer light breakfast. Development work continues...
    • 10:00 - Check-point
    • 13:00 - Lunch
    • 13:45 - Product development...
    • 16:00-16:30 - Transferwise "Europe's best startup 2012" by Bogdan Danilyuk
    • 16:30-17:00 - Pipedrive "Going Global with your startup" by Ragnar Sass
    • 19:00 - Dinner
    • 20:00 - Check-point
    • 24:00 - Venue closes

    Sunday, 28th of April
    • 09:00 - Doors open. We offer coffee and light breakfast. Product development continues
    • 10:00 - Check-point
    • 13:00 - Lunch 
    • 14:00 - Start preparing your product demo / presentation
    • 17:00 - Coffee break with light meal / snacks
    • 17:30 - Final event: presentation of finished products/services to jury and audience.
    • 20:00 - Announcement of winners
    • Wrap-up, networking...

    The Mentors 

    Priit Salumaa
    Co-Founder of Mooncascade and Garage48
    Ragnar Sass
    Founder and CEO at Salto Network, Co-founder at Pipedrive, Founder at Lift99
    Elor Pruvli
    SMB Sales Executive at SimilarWeb
    Alexei Fedorov
    Cloud Services Lead at Aplana (
    Viktor Tsykunov
    Developers and Platform Evangelism Lead at Microsoft
    Nikita Lukianets
    Start-up Program Lead, Microsoft Ukraine
    Denys Sytnyk
    Managing Partner at Sytnyk & Partners, Attorneys at Law
    Tanel Vari
    Visual Designer at Skype
    Volodymyr Tarasenko
    Software Development Engineer at Skype
    Vlad Morozov
    Visual Designer at Skype


    Ragnar Sass
    Co-founder of Garage48, Pipedrive co-founder & President.
    Events & Sponsors @ Garage48
    Vika Zhurbas
    Event assembly line '7events'
    Daria Golovach
    CEO @ Coworking "Chasopys"


    Platinum Sponsor
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      Microsoft® BizSpark®  is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, and providing marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure and many other useful tools for startups. 
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    • DOU
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    • Eastlabs
    • IDCEE 
    • Happy Farm
    • BeTV
    • FluidUI 
    • Startup Vitamins
    • Edicy - simple online website creator, everyone can create a website in 3 minutes!
    • Seedcamp - European most respected startup acceleration and mentoring program Seedcamp started a cooperation with Garage48. Garage48 can send one team from each event straight to Seedcamp.

    Garage48 Kiev 2013 activities are partly funded through Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by means of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.