Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013

When 13-15 September, 2013

Where Tallinn, Estonia

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  • EMT App Millionaire Campaign

    One of EMT’s goals is to talk about the mobile applications and teach people to use their smartphones more than ever. An excellent example is the App Millionaire Campaign, which was in Estonia where it gained huge popularity, and now EMT has decided to give to best idea authors one more chance to realize their ideas in Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013.

    Years ago, EMT and TeliaSonera wanted to create something big and innovative with mobile apps. Then the decision of Appmillionaire was done. Telia Sweden did it in 2011 and EMT in 2012. Both campaigns were based on local needs and were different, but both Telia and EMT wanted to create innovative image for their brands and put people to talk about them. They both succeeded very well!

    The idea of the App Millionaire campaign was simple – the carrier announces a competition for original mobile app ideas. The winning idea was developed by the carrier into an actual app, which will be sold at AppStore and Google Play. The carrier will cover the cost of creating the app, whereas owner of the idea will keep all income from sales and copyright of the app.

    What’s in there for the organizer, EMT? Since the world of mobile apps is one of the fastest growing segments within the mobile market, going along with this field and putting ourselves into the shoes of a leader shows EMT’s innovative spirit and supports its pioneering image. Additionally, this type of contest grabs the attention of both younger and older people, as well as the whole ICT and technology community.

    Just as in Telia’s campaign, EMT’s App Millionaire jury panel features famous innovators and IT visionaries. Prominent jury adds credibility to the contest and helps to attract attention of the public as well as media. This approach yielded success in getting all the attention we needed  in Estonia.

    Estonia is having low smartphone penetration and relatively modest usage of mobile applications, had to start with introducing apps to people through series of PR activities, including publishing articles and speaking on TV and radio shows during two months before the campaign. Additionally, creative solution of the campaign focused on showing what apps can do and how they can help in different life situations.

    Almost 10 000 ideas were submitted to the competition in Estonia. EMT kicked off with over 3,000 submissions in the first two weeks.

    The App Millionaire contest was developed further by EMT by adding public's favorite award – the jury selected 10 best ideas which were presented to the public, and people voted for their favorite. From the ten finalists, the jury picked the overall winning idea that was developed into an app, and public’s favorite received a special award from EMT – Samsung Galaxy S III.

    The competition was mostly targeted towards 18-35 year old people, however, ideas have been submitted by people of all ages. The marketing objective of the App Millionaire contest is, first of all, to introduce new possibilities of daily communication and mobile life, as well as generate new and smart ideas with the help of our customers, as it has always been EMT’s role as market leaders and innovators.

    The campaign was also visible in all mobile channels. The website of the campaign was made to stand out – it has a unique approach with its navigation and design that has not been used in Estonia before.  

    The winner of EMT’s App Millionaire competition was announced on November 19, 2012. Development of the winning app should be finished in July 2013.

    We encourage everyone to take ideas that have been successful in other countries and work with them in their home market. 

    Garage48 events have flexible agenda and changes are likely to happen. 
    Here is our rough plan for Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013 pre-events happening in the Garage48 HUB and Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013 week-end hackathon happening in Technopolis Ülemiste.

    Tuesday, 10th September 18:00-19:30  
    @ Garage48 HUB (Rävala pst. 7, Tallinn)

    "Lean Startup Thinking & methods" by Taavi Lindmaa  Workshop to learn how to apply Lean Startup methods in the real world.  Presentation by Zazler, a ready-made backend for web and mobile apps that saves developers from having to write server-side code. With only 48 hours at hand, Zazler will help you to achieve more by cutting much of the backend coding and focus more on creating great user experience instead! Register for the event 
    Friday, 13th September 13:00-14:30
    @ Garage48 HUB (Rävala pst. 7, Tallinn) "What's Hot and What's Not in Angel Investing - Brand New Ideas from Silicon Valley" by Ivar Siimar Ivar Siimar, investor and the godfather of Estonian Business Angel Network is sharing with us all the latest trends, news & challenges faced in angel investing in Silicon Valley.
    Register for the event 
    Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013 week-end event @ Technopolis Ülemiste  (Lõõtsa 6, Tallinn)    

    Friday, 13th of September
    • 17:30 - Doors open, check-in, networking, coffee, snacks
    • 18:15 - Opening remarks by Lauri Toomsalu
    • 18:45 - Pitching ideas (90 sec per idea)
    • 19:45 - Coffee Break
    • 20:00 - Pitching ideas (cont.)
    • 21:00 - Forming teams, everyone will choose their favourite idea
    • 22:00 - Teamwork begins, lets start the hard work!
    • 24:00 - Venue closes
    Saturday, 14th of September
    • 09:00 - Coffee & light breakfast.  Development continues
    • 10:00 - Checkpoint #1
    • 11:00 - Mentors go around
    • 13:00 - Lunch
    • 13:45 - Product development...
    • 16:00 - Garage48 presentation
    • 19:00 - Dinner
    • 19:45 - Product development...
    • 20:00 - Checkpoint #2. Development continues...
    Sunday, 15th of September
    • 09:00 - Coffee & light breakfast. Development continues
    • 10:00 - Checkpoint #3
    • 12:00 - Start preparing your product demo
    • 13:00 - Lunch 
    • 15:00 - Demo practice with mentors/jury (10min per team)
    • 17:00 - Coffee break with light meal/snacks
    • 17:30 - Final event: demo of the finished products/services. Tiger Milk LIVE performance!
    • 20:00 - Announcing the winners, wrap-up & bye-bye...


    The Mentors 

    Priidu Paomets
    Software Architect at MARKUS Software
    Martin Koppel
    CEO & Co-Founder at Fortumo
    Ragnar Sass
    Founder and CEO at Salto Network, Co-founder at Pipedrive, Founder at Lift99
    Antti Vilpponen
    CEO at UpCloud Ltd
    Agu Suur
    Head of Development at Clanbeat
    Karsten Vandrup
    Assistant Professor at Erhvervsakademi Sjælland


    Events & Sponsors @ Garage48
    Lauri Toomsalu
    Marketing manager at AS Delfi
    Ragnar Sass
    Co-founder of Garage48, Pipedrive co-founder & President.
    Tõnis Pechter
    Development Services Project Manager at Technopolis Ülemiste AS


    Garage48 EMT Appmillionaire Camp 2013
     event is organized by Garage48 Foundation and Technopolis Ülemiste, in co-operation with EMT.        
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    Premium Sponsors

    • Microsoft Corporation is a tech giant with it’s network all over the world and has special programs for startups and developers. 
      Microsoft® BizSpark®  is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, and providing marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure and many other useful tools for startups. 
    • Samsung 


    • UpCloud - easy to use, enterprise grade cloud hosting service that prides itself on technological innovation and features for its customers
    • 99designs - platform to order design works
    • Edicy - simple online website creator, everyone can create a website in 3 minutes!
    • Seedcamp - European most respected startup acceleration and mentoring program Seedcamp started a cooperation with Garage48. Garage48 can send one team from each event straight to Seedcamp
    • Zazler - ready-made backend for web and mobile apps. Teams participating in Garage48 can use Zazler closed beta solution for free.
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