Garage48 will expand into 5 African countries

April 11, 2011
Waka Waka for African startups. The team of Garage48 is happy to announce that in cooperation with two famous technological giants Google and Nokia there will be first two Garage48 events in Africa. The first event will be in Lagos, Nigeria from 6th until 8th of May. The second event is in Accra, Ghana from 13th until 15th of May. Our goal in 2011 is to organize the event in five different countries, we are currently doing preparations to have the events also in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

I have often been asked why Garage48 goes to Africa, instead of e.g. India or other Europe countries. I believe that spread of the Internet has changed the ways of business all over the world and that the next successful startups can come from whatever continent or country. Important is the team, its skills and motivation to get things done. Not every IT startup necessarily needs to be the next Google or Facebook, sometimes it is as valuable if the startup can solve problems of local people and be reasonably profitable.

We, in Garage48 Foundation, got the enthusiasm about Africa last year in October when we helped Danish IT-entrepreneur and investor Kresten Buch to organize a similar event to Garage48 in Kenya. Thanks to the success of that event we got inspired that the concept of Garage48 might help to boost the culture of startup and entrepreneurship if Africa. Humanitarian aid is not what the continent needs most. Functioning ecosystem for business activity is what really would help.

Inspiring and supporting environment is an important prerequisite to the birth of new ideas. Business and social network is increasingly important to start a new successful business. Despite that in many countries in Africa the market is huge, tens of millions of people, the IT sector is making its first steps. While visiting Nigeria and Ghana in March, I met dozens of talented developers. The purpose of our events, in addition to build the local startup community, is to help those talented developers to get connections with successful entrepreneurs in Europe and America.

The first Garage48 event was held exactly one year ago, in April of 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia. In the following 12 months there has been another four events in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. People who have participated have got inspiration to put their ideas into work, enormous amount of motivation and priceless experience. Not to speak of the new friends and potential business partners, many of which still work together as a team to build the ideas into successful startups.

Garage48 African jorney will start in Lagos!

Please contact me, if you are interested to take part in this interesting journey:
Ragnar Sass

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  • Thomas Oppong Apr 14

    Brilliant. I love this. I think Africa is ripe and ready for "startuping." I am very much interested in web and mobile technologies. And Africa is far behind in this space except South Africa. I am a startups analyst, technology blogger and founding editor at I operate from Accra, Ghana and i will definitely be at the event in May.

  • Matthew Anorkplim Loh Apr 19

    We have been working on an opportunity like this... i am in league with a team of very talented application developer, business analysts, technical communicators and solutions architects, Gui and database designers working on/ waiting for a platform on which to launch... perhaps in need of just a stepping stone. Cheers for coming through, we will do our homework. see you

  • Millad Apr 22

    Hi i am so excited to and don't know what think of but the best.I have been dreaming of an opportunity like this one in Ghana and it has come true.I am a co-founder of,a social networking website and would bring my full arsenal to the event.big ups garage48...

  • Abdul-Rahman Mohammed May 09

    wow!!!!!! I can't stop imaging how its going to be like...I have always wish for something like this...Hope to have fun,learn and bring out the best.

  • John Kibuuka Sep 02

    I cannot wait to attend the event in Kampala this september! I believe I have an entrepreneurial mind - i see so many ideas but am still failing to re-arrange all them to make something.. but I have started here

  • Alex Musyoka Sep 05

    Looking forward to the end of September in Nairobi. Should be good.

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