Garage48 hackathon team raises a seed round of €250,000

November 14, 2012
Estonian startup VitalFields, that first got started in Garage48 hackathon back in august 2011, successfully raised a €250,000 seed round from venture investors. 

VitalFields (formerly known as WeatherMe)  focuses on increasing the productivity of farmers by offering a HyperLocal field based weather forecast, plan disease forecasting and farm efficiency analysis. The system is already used by hundreds of farmers in Europe. The investment will enable to deploy the solution in several new countries next year.

VitalFields was started a year ago in 2011 at the international Garage48 hackathon where they were awarded with the “Best Innovator” extra prize. Back then they concentrated on notifying if the weather reaches a certain condition 24 hours in advance by generating a very accurate weather model specifically for each client.

“The power of Garage48 is that people from with very different backgrounds and knowledge create something together,” says VItaFields CEO Martin Rand. “Our team had knowledge about weather, agriculture IT, business and design. Something good is bound to happen with such a diverse bunch of professionals.”

After our 48-hour boot camp, the team was selected to be part of an Estonian based international accelerator program Startup Wise Guys. “They gave us an opportunity to quit our jobs and really focus on the project with the help of world class mentors,” Martin pointed out the importance of an extra support system.  

The seed round was led by SmartCap, the venture capital arm of Estonian Development Fund and included two Estonian early stage investors, Arvi Tavasti valduse OÜ and Wiser Financial Advisors OÜ.

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