Garage48 great year 2012 in numbers

November 27, 2012
We are really delighted with what Garage48 achieved in 2012. Like every startup we had our ups and downs, but overall year has been successful. 2012 brought us 6 events in 4 countries, we reached to new destinations in Valmiera, Kiev and St. Petersburg and for the first time we learned from an experience and had to cancel one event. 2013 is going to be even more focused on Eastern European countries starting off with Minsk in Belarus and new destinations are waiting to be announced! Here is an infograph with our most important numbers for 2012.
"I am happy to say that Garage48 hackathons have been international events and we have brought together neighbouring countries to boost their ideas into working solutions. It is great to see more and more teams every year focusing on mobile ideas," says Ragnar Sass (Co-founder of Garage48). 

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  • David Clark Nov 27

    Great stuff, hope I'll be able to join the statistics next year. *289 hours, clocks went back at the Riga event ;)

  • Rauno Nov 27

    What about Mighty Fingers ? Companies that got into Ajujaht?

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