Garage48 for Public services, 25 - 27. February 2011

January 21, 2011
Garage48 Public Services will take place in Tallinn University from 25 - 27th February  2011.  
Garage48 Public Services will be a little different from the usual Garage48 events.
Congratulations for everybody who participated in Garage48 Helsinki event.
Tiredness has subsided by now and hopefully you all have this amazing excitement back for even more.

We think of the public services as a useful service, that can be used by many people in the society. The main aim of the service is not to make money, but solve some kind of a bugging problem. The service could be mash-up of various data sources, improvement of existing public service or totally new web or mobile application.

We invite 70 motivated programmers, designers, project managers, NGO volunteers, public servants and public sector enthusiasts together to a Garage48 for Public Services weekend. Like any other Garage48, we get together on Friday evening to select the best ideas and form the teams. We will work hard over the weekend, and by Sunday evening, 
teams will be ready to showcase their cool and new services with live demo.

We will open registration on Monday 24th January.
We will open places for:
10 Project managers, visionaires 10 Marketing specialists 10 Graphic designers 10 Front end designers, web developers (html, css) 20 Backend developers 10 Mobile developers

Be ready!

Until then if you already have any possible ideas for Public Services, send them to In few days we will open a public forum to have discussions over ideas and prepare them for Garage48 Public Services.

Partners and sponsors for Garage48 Public Services are:

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